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YO Meter (Pulse)
Enclosure type • IP67
Band • EU868, US915, AU915, AS923
light grey
Certificate CE
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The YO Meter (pulse) input accepts connection to potential-free contacts. The device will not count pulses if the input is connected to contacts with any potential. Device input can detect pulses with different contact debounce times. This parameter is configurable and by default is 47 ms – up to max. 10 pulses per 1 s (boundary range 1-50 pulses per 1 s depends on the contact debouncing setting).

Device is equipped with two counters: periodic and persistent. Periodic counter counts pulses cyclically with time interval defined by LoRa sending interval. Persistent counter accumulates pulses and stores them in non-volatile memory - this counter can be reset (cleared) using one of the parameters via BLE.

Based on the data collected by the device, it is possible to collect the number of pulses from measuring devices, for example, from water meters.

YO Meter (Pulse) features a IP67 protected enclosure and battery power supply.

YO Meter (Pulse) operates on LoRaWAN. We are a certified member of the LoRa Alliance, which is responsible for data transmission security.

Key features

  • Pulse counting
  • Potential-free contact
  • Battery-powered device
  • IP67 protected enclosure
  • Supported LoRaWAN network type: private or public and connection over ABP or OTAA
  • ISM band selectable for regional needs (EU868, US915, AU915, and AS923)
  • Configuration via Bluetooth Low Energy 5.0
  • Firmware update over BLE
  • Command Line Interface application for convenient device configuration
  • Wide network coverage and very low energy consumption
  • High-quality product made in EU


Tx Power: • LoRa EU868: to +14 [dBm]
• LoRa US915, AU915, AS923: to +22 [dBm]
• Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE): -20 to +6 [dBm]
Power supply: • 3 x LR6 (AA) battery (3 x 1,5 V)
Power consumption: • Maximum: 120mA DC (4,5 V DC)
Weight: • 126,5g (without batteries)
• 200g (with batteries)


Dimensions: • Height: 42 mm
• Width: 88 mm
• Depth: 64 mm
Colour: Light grey
Installation: Select between:
• Horizontal
• Vertical (can be screwed to the wall)
Enclosure material: ABS
Level of protection: IP67

Sensor measuring range


Measurement range: from -40°C to 125°C (-40°F to 257°F)
Accuracy: ±0.2°C (32.36°F) (in temperatures from 5°C to 60°C (41°F to 140°F))

Relative Humidity:

Measurement range: from 0% to 100%
Accuracy: ±2% (relative humidity from 20% to 80%)
64 mm88 mm 42 mm