As a society, we are faced with the unprecedented threat of a rapidly developing global pandemic. It is a struggle that requires cooperation, effort and sacrifice in order to preserve health, safety in the workplace and support for our customers.

Our employees’, their families’, and our customers’ health and safety are paramount to us. Following the guidelines of the government of the Republic of Poland, we have introduced a number of rules and regulations which help combat the spread of the epidemic and we strictly adhere to them. We are supportive and responsible.

Help us build your success safely!

Przemysław Rudzki, CEO

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telemetry data delivered to your doorstep
Telemetry experts
BLE 5.0 support
Efficient device
& management
Support for multiple
LoRaWAN regions
made in EU
Efficient support for remote
facilities management
and plant room equipment monitoring
9 sensors measuring environmental conditions indoors:
PM2.5, PM10, CO, CO2, TVOC, atmospheric pressure, illumination, temperature, humidity, and noise level
Yo Pure Pro Yo Pure Pro
Measures temperature and humidity; sends information about its own position on the X, Y, and Z axes (via a built-in accelerometer)
Sends 100,000 measurements on one battery charge
Yo360 in Hand

Product line of DIN rail-mounted devices

YO Power
YO Pulse
YO Analog

Remote monitoring

Sensirion Circus Microchip Semtech LoraWAN NeoDen Altium Arm MBED ST

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We create hardware.
We are engineers with up-to-date knowledge.
We are experts.

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