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Yosensi Management Platform.


Here's what you get when you choose
the Yosensi Management Platform

  • the ability to manage
    your IoT devices
    (gateways and nodes)

  • graphical presentation
    of measurement data and
    transmission parameters

  • individually created
    thresholds for all

  • definable alerts from
    specific devices
    SMS or external URL)

  • the ability to connect an external
    (e.g. a data analysis tool) for
    data forwarding

  • simple firmware installation
    and device configuration in an
    easy step-by-step procedure


The advantages of our solution


The advantages of our solution

  • a simple and intuitive process for adding new Yosensi devices

  • the ability to customise the tool to individual preferences (e.g. setting thresholds for notifications, grouping devices, adding locations, etc.)

  • clear presentation of collected data

Are you

To facilitate the use of the platform, please consult our Guide to the Yosensi Management Platform.

Yosensi Management Platform

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