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YO Modbus
Enclosure type • DIN rail
Band • EU868, US915, AU915, AS923
light grey
Certificate CE
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YO Modbus is the bridge between the Modbus network and LoRaWAN. It allows to read data via Modbus RTU from Slave devices and send it via LoRaWAN.

With one YO Modbus device, it is possible to create up to 150 Modbus queries and send via LoRaWAN collected in up to 30 different LoRa frames. There is no limit to the number of devices to which your Modbus can send queries. The limit is only based on the number of queries.

The device is designed for mounting on standard 35 mm DIN rails in electrical switchboards. It occupies only one pole width like a standard single-phase overcurrent circuit breaker.

The RS485 input on which the Modbus RTU protocol works is galvanically isolated from the rest of the device modules for maximum protection.

Additionally, the device can be connected to protective earth (PE) cable so that the charges coming from the RS485 cable shielding will be slowly dissipated to the earth cable. It will lead to equipotential bonding in the Modbus network on the device side.

It can be powered by direct or alternating current over a wide voltage range of 6-30 VDC or 5-21 VAC respectively.

The device communicates wirelessly over LoRaWAN. We are a certified member of the LoRa Alliance, which is responsible for data transmission security.

Key features

  • Up to 150 Modbus queries can be created and sent via LoRaWAN collected in up to 30 different LoRa frames
  • Galvanically isolated RS485 input
  • Additional connection of the device to the protective earth (PE) cable
  • Built-in configurable termination resistor
  • 35 mm DIN rail enclosure
  • Low energy consumption
  • Supported LoRaWAN network type: private or public and connection over ABP or OTAA
  • ISM band selectable for regional needs (EU868, US915, AU915, and AS923)
  • Configuration via Bluetooth Low Energy 5.0
  • Firmware update over BLE
  • Command Line Interface application for convenient device configuration
  • Wide network coverage and relatively low energy consumption
  • High-quality product made in EU

Sample charts of collected data



Tx Power: • LoRa EU868: to +14 [dBm]
• LoRa US915, AU915, AS923: to +22 [dBm]
• Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE): -20 to +6 [dBm]
Power supply: • 6 - 30 V DC
• 5 - 21 V AC
Power consumption: • Typical: 12 mA DC (12 V DC)
• Maximum: 120mA DC (12 V DC)
Input signal: • Digital RS485
Weight: • 90g


Dimensions: • Height: 90 mm
• Width: 17.5 mm (1 pole)
• Depth: 58 mm
Colour: Light grey (RAL 7035)
Installation: 35 mm DIN rail standard
Enclosure material: Polycarbonate
Fire resistance class: UL94 - VO
Level of protection: IP20