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Articles about: #tests

What is the real range of LoRa? featured image

What is the real range of LoRa?

The topic of LoRa distance appears in various articles, mostly describing the setting of new world records. As of today, the record is as high as 832 km! But how do these distances relate to real-world applications — are these hundreds of kilometers the actual working ranges in LoRa technology? Let’s try to find out.

Battery life of LoRa devices featured image

Battery life of LoRa devices

A key feature of battery-powered devices is an optimized battery life cycle. The battery life cycle affects all aspects of the design process: size, weight, communication standard, sensor type, MCU selection, low-power software solutions, types of batteries and so on — all based on the client’s requirements and the intended operating environment. It’s a complex optimization process which involves a lot of decision-making. We’ll focus on the basic possibilities for extending battery life and let you know a little bit about tests on our devices.